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Please, read this story, and tell me what'cha think!

Crimson Matrix

A young boy lay on the floor of a dungeon, beaten and inert. Next to him, his twin sister lay unconscious. Slowly, the children gained awareness. The boy sat up.

“Sister…” he said and crawled over to her, “Kati…”

The little girl named Kati looked at him. She began to cry.

“Kite…I’m so scared…” she whispered in a small voice, “Where are we?”

The siblings looked around. It was dark, but they could see the dim outline of a door and a bed. The floor was wet, as were the walls. The air smelled of decaying flesh.

“I…I don’t know.” Kite admitted.

Suddenly, light poured into the room as the door was opened. A tall figure clad in a black cloak walked through the door. She stopped a few feet away from where the children cowered.

“So, you finally decided to wake up?” She said in a cold, feminine voice, “Guard! I’ll take the girl to my quarters… kill the boy...”

“Ma’am!” The guard saluted and approached Kite.

Kati began to scream as the woman grabbed her arm.

“Kite! Kite! Don’t let them take me!!! Please!” She shrieked.

Kite kicked the guard in the shin and grabbed his sister’s hand, pulling her out the door and up the hall.

“Damn it! After them, you idiots!” The black clad woman yelled.

Two guards pursued them. Kite lead his sister up a flight of stairs and ran for a hundred more yards before they hit a door. Kite reached up and grabbed the handle, yanking it open. A pair of hands grabbed him roughly by the arms. They began to pull him into the room.

“Kati! Run!” He yelled.

Kati ran in the other direction, between the legs of a guard, and towards the gates of the castle. The black clad woman stepped in front of her. Kati ground to a halt.

“So, my pretty little Kati… Where are you planning on going?” She asked.

She pulled back her hood, revealing the face of a woman. She had dark violet hair and blue eyes, just like Kati’s. Kati gasped. The woman stepped forward.

“I need you, Kati… come to your mother,” the woman said mockingly.

She extended a hand. It was pale, the nails painted acid green. Kati backed into a wall.

“Come now, you shouldn’t disobey your mother like that…” the woman sneered.

“My m-mommy’s gone…” Kati said in a weak voice, “you’re lying…”

The woman clicked her tongue, shaking a finger.

“I am your mother, sweetheart. Look at my face.”

“My mommy’s gone!” Kati screamed and rammed into the woman, bowling her over.

Kati made a break for the door.

“You little bitch!” The woman yelled, “Get back here!”

The woman shrieked loudly. Blood dribbled out of Kati’s ears as her eardrums burst. Kati kept running, and felt the hot pressure of a talon and blood in her side. She fell to the floor. The woman stood over her, her once beautiful features now grotesque. The skin on her face hung in chunks and her teeth were sharp rows of fangs. Her acid green nails were bloody talons. Two burning red spheres had replaced her eyes.

“You shouldn’t disobey your mother, child!” She said, her voice now hollow and raspy.

The woman drove a nail down towards Kati’s head. Kati rolled and the talon hit her shoulder. She screamed. Another talon was driven into her lung. Hot tears slipped down her face as she gasped for air. Blood issued from her mouth. Kati tried to crawl away, but was pulled back as the woman sank her nails into Kati’s leg and lifted her into the air. Kati screamed, closing her eyes tightly. She felt the scrape of a talon on her cheek. Am I going to be with mommy now? Kati thought, Am I finally going to see her?

“Obey your mot-!” the woman began to say but was cut off.

Kati felt the grip release from her ankle. She fell to the floor. Daring to open her eyes, she found that an arrow was driven from temple to temple in the woman’s head. Kati looked up. A boy approached, another arrow notched on the string of his longbow. He was handsome, having bright emerald eyes on a tan face framed by white hair, and wore a white shirt and black pants.

“You need a healer, Scion,” he said as soon as he was sure the woman was dead.

“Wha-?” Kati gasped, ‘Scio..”

Kati began to choke on the blood from her lung. The boy looked at her, a little worried. He slung an arm underneath Kati’s and lifted her, careful of her wounds. He carried her to the door.

“You’ll be okay, just, please… don‘t talk, it‘ll make the bleeding worse…with all due respect.” He muttered.

“I… I’m not… why? Who…” Kati murmured.

The boy sighed.

“You are the Scion of Aicalla… the rest will be explained later,” he replied.

He put his hand on the doors and a white ring of light formed around it. There was a whoosh as the door opened. A breeze entered the hall and Kati took a breath of sweet air. The duo made their way out. As they did, more people rushed in. Kati’s world went black soon after.
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